slate patio and fire pit built by lambs lawn

Building a Fire Pit

Sitting around a fire pit is the best way to spend a cool night with family and friends. Fire pits not only add character to your backyard, but they also protect your fire from spreading to nearby woods or your home.

Building a fire pit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Their popularity has driven the market for fire pit kits that can be constructed by DIY homeowners. However, not all homeowners want a to use a fire pit kit. They want to have a unique fire pit built that fulfills their needs. This is where our clients rely on our creativity and knowledge to build a custom fire pit to match the style of their home.


Building fire pits in the Louisville, Ky area allows us to use unique rocks, blocks and stones. The first step in building a fire pit is choosing what type of product you would like to construct the fire pit out of.

1. Stackable Blocks / Pavers – These products are easier to work with and can be bought in a kit.

custom patio

2.  Natural Stone – Natural stone fire pits do not come in a kit and require a lot of knowledge in stone work to complete. These are usually built by professionals.



Step 2: Choose the location of the fire pit. 

Choose a location for the fire pit that is away from your house and not under any low hanging trees. Make sure the area is flat unless you plan on working a little harder and digging out the area to be flat.

Step 3: Mark the pit location. 

Option 1: This can be done a few different ways. If your fire pit kit comes with measurements, you can drive a stake in the middle of the area you have chosen and tie a string around it that equals half of the full width of the fire pit. This string allows you to paint a circle where you will eventually lay your blocks.

Option 2: You can also lay out the first row of blocks in the desired location. Once you have them in the proper fire pit size and configuration, you can take a spade shovel and dig a few inch circle in the ground on the outside perimeter of the layer of stone. This will give you a perfect circle of your bottom row of your fire pit.

Step 4: Dig a Trench to set the block.

Once you have your circle marked, dig a trench as wide as the block you are using and a little bit over twice as deep as the block you are using. Then fill the hole with gravel as deep as the depth of one block and compact the gravel with a hand tamper. This will give your block a hard surface to sit on and give it a bit of drainage for water.

Step 5: Lay your first row of block.

Start by placing one block and leveling it by using a rubber mallet. If the block needs to be raised on any side, add more gravel underneath the low side then level it by hitting the block with your rubber mallet. Continue placing the blocks around the circle. Make sure all blocks are level as you place them. Also check to make sure they are level from all directions and across the first layer.

Step 6: Add additional layers of block.

Before you continue to the next layer it is important to make sure the base layer of block is level. If not, your next layers will sloped like the first. Start your next row of block so that the first block you place is centered over the seam of the two blocks below. This ties all the blocks together and gives it strength. Use a construction adhesive to bond the blocks together. Continue adding layers until you reach your desired height.

Step 7: Add a layer of gravel inside for drainage.

Fill the inside of the fire pit with a 5 inch layer of gravel. This will allow for drainage of water.

Step 8: Enjoy a S’more.