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Sod Installation – Louisville, Ky

Installing Sod

Whether you are looking for sod for your yard or large rolls of sod for your commercial project, Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping can supply the sod and install the turf on your ready site. Our dedicated sod teams are equipped to handle large rolls of sod and small rolls. Don’t have a ready site? Lambs Lawn Service can prep your yard for sod by finish grading your current lawn. Finish grading is the process of setting proper drainage grade and eliminating the rough spots in your lawn. When you want your sod installed right and backed by a landscaping company that will warranty all their work, call Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping today. We offer free estimates to all of our customers. We offer upfront pricing so you are never hit with any surprise costs.

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Benefits of Sodding

There are many benefits to sodding a yard. In fact, more people in the Kentuckiana area are choosing to sod their yards than applying the traditional seed and straw.

Sod vs. Seed

Sodding a yard is skipping the entire grass growing process. Rolls of sod are made of matured, rooted grass that was planted from grass seed at a sod farm. When you sod your lawn, you are getting an instant yard. No need to worry about having a muddy yard with straw blowing all over your home while you wait for your grass seed to germinate.

Cost of Sod

The cost of sod compared to seed and straw is actually rather affordable. Depending on if you are a do-it-yourself person, you can actually save money by sodding a yard.

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