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Seeding and Strawing a Yard – Louisville, Ky

Grow the Best Grass in Your Subdivision

Establishing new grass in a yard is our specialty. Whether you have a new construction home that needs finish graded, or the pool you just installed needs new grass to be planted around it, Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping is the seeding company you need. Our seeding and strawing team can get your yard germinating in no time. We have the capability to handle any size seeding job that you can throw at us. Our straw blower allows us to seed and straw acres at a time. Or, our team can seed the small water line you had replaced in your front yard. When you want the most knowledgeable lawn care and landscaping company in Southern Indiana, hire Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping to help you with all your outdoor needs.

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Planting Grass in Your Yard

Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana have the most dramatic climate. Hot one day freezing the next. Pouring down rain then a draught next week. The weather has an affect on your grass and landscaping. Choosing the right grass seed to plant in our climate zone is important to ensure that your grass thrives all year around. To meet all of the requirements of Kentuckiana, we plant a Fescue Blend. Fescue blend is a tolerant grass that can grow in full sun or shade. It can withstand draughts and can handle long periods of rain. Another benefit of our fescue blend are the deep penetrating root system. This gives the lawn the ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic. All of these characteristics make Fescue our choice for lawns in Southern Indiana.

What does Putting Straw on a Yard Do?

When planting new grass, you typically hear the term seed and straw. The term refers to sowing the grass seed and covering the grass seed and ground with straw. The straw is used to protect the grass seed while it germinates and takes root. Just like mulch in your landscape, the straw retains water and keeps the ground from getting dried out by the sun. It gives a nice bed for the grass seed to grow while it is establishing roots into the topsoil. Once your new grass is rooted, you can just mow over the straw.

How do You Seed a Yard?

Setting Proper Grade

Rough grading and finish grading are important steps to getting a beautiful yard. Creating a smooth surface and the correct drainage is the beginning of a beautiful yard.

Topsoil & Fertilizer

Ensuring that your grass will have the nutrients it needs to grow strong roots can be done by adding nutrient rich topsoil or spreading fertilizer to reintroduce key nutrients into the ground.

Seed and Straw

The last step in creating a lush lawn is broadcasting the seed on to the prepared the surface. Once the seed has been broadcasted, either hand spreading straw or using a straw blower will give your grass seed the cover it needs to flourish.

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