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Power Seeding

Power Seeding a Lawn – Louisville, Ky

Seed that Patchy Yard

Power Seeding in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana is typically done in the fall months of the year. Once the dry summer heat passes, the seed can germinate and mature without the stress of the hot heat. Power seeding or slit seeding, is the process of gently slicing the surface of a yard and spreading seed and fertilizer on the disturbed surface. The grooves cut by the power seeder allow the grass seed a nice bed to start to germinate.

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What is Power Seeding?

Power seeding is the process of inserting grass seed into the soil with minimal damage to your current healthy grass. Our power seeding equipment is designed to penetrate the dirt surface to give the grass seed maximum soil to seed contact. Increasing the germination rate of the seed.

Power Seeding vs. Over Seeding

The question we get asked about the most is what is better, power seeding or over seeding? In our experience, power seeding is the best option when you are trying fill in dead grass spots in your yard. Over seeding is simply broadcasting grass seed on top of your current mature lawn. This is not the most precise way to seed your yard. Simply placing the grass seed onto your current yard doesn’t give the seed a proper place to germinate. While you might get some germination, the best way to increase germination is power seeding. Power seeding, also called slit seeding, creates a seed bed for the seed to germinate. Think of a power seeder as a garden tiller. It keeps your current grass intact but roughs up the dirt. The dirt bed and rough surface keep the seed protected and retain moisture to help in germination. When you are ready to fix those grass less spots in your yard, give Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping a call.

When do You Power Seed?

Grass and lawns are susceptible to heat, drought and malnourishment. This typically happens during the hot summer months. The heat and drought stress the grass and make it brittle and weak. Grass should be watered and fed during the summer to keep it healthy. That is the only type of work that should be done to a yard during the hot summer months. The best time to power seed your yard and clear up all those dead spots in your grass is in the Fall. The cooler temperatures make it easy for the grass seed to germinate. There is no stress from high temperatures.

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