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Over Seeding

Over Seeding a Yard – Louisville, Ky

Seeding Your Lawn

Over seeding is a popular form of seeding an existing lawn. Like power seeding a yard, over seeding is a solution that is often done when a yard starts to become thin and patchy. Filling in those ugly brown spots in your yard is an easy process with over seeding. Having a great looking yard is important to the majority of homeowners in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. Ensuring your yard stays in tip-top shape can be a hard task. Life gets busy and Lambs Lawn Service understands that. That is why we are here. Our lawn care and landscaping teams are experienced and ready to help you keep your lawn looking great at an affordable price.

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Why do You Over Seed a Lawn?

Achieving the most green and lush yard is not an overnight process. Most involved homeowners spend years creating the perfect environment for their grass to thrive. They go above and beyond with preventive maintenance to ensure the quality of their grass. One secret that professional landscapers and homeowners with green thumbs use each year is over seeding. Over seeding a yard is an often over looked lawn care technique. Each year your lawn takes a beating. Whether it is from your kids playing hard in the back yard or just from the stress of the hot and dry summer weather, both can cause your grass to thin or die. Over seeding is the process of spreading grass seed back onto your yard. Sowing grass seed with a broadcast spreader is all that it takes. The broadcast grass seed finds itself just laying on the dirt and grass. While germination rates aren’t perfect, it still gives the opportunity for new grass to grow roots and fill in patchy spots in your yard.

When to Over Seed

Learning when to overseed a lawn can keep your grass thick and green with just a little work. The first thing you need to look at is the overall health of your yard. If you have dead spots in your yard, you need to learn what is causing these areas to die. Below are a few reasons certain portions of your yard could be in bad shape.
  • Pets Destroying an Area
  • Insects
  • Moles or Voles tunneling
  • Soil lacks nutrients
  • Drainage Issues

Solving These Lawn Problems

Pinpointing the problem is the first step into getting your yard healthy. Most of the issues stated above can be easily solved.

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