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Hydroseeding a Yard

Hydroseeding is the process of delivering grass seed in a nutrient rich slurry. While this form of grass seeding can be used for residential lawns, hydroseeding is better suited for larger areas where seeding and strawing aren’t suitable options. It is also commonly used for large commercial projects where erosion could be an issue. Covering the ground with the sprayed mixture is a form of erosion control. Whether you are homeowner or a contractor, Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping is the hydroseeding company you can trust. Our team has more than 15 years experience satisfying customers needs.

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Hydroseeding vs. Sod

Choosing what is best for you

Sod and hydroseeding will both get you to the same ending point, a lush green yard. Choosing between the two options can come down to how fast you want a completed yard. Sodding a yard is instant gratification. By instant gratification we mean that we show up to a finish graded dirt surface prepared by our grading team and when we leave you have a full yard of grass. Sodding can all take place in a matter of hours. With hydroseeding, spraying the seed, water and mulch takes very little time. It is the weeks you have to wait for the grass seed to germinate and mature. Both have their benefits and uses. Let’s take a look at when you should hydro seed.

When to Hydroseed

Using a hydroseeder to plant grass seed is an inexpensive way to establish grass. Even though it takes time for the grass to mature, hydroseeding is a great option for commercial and residential use. Our team completes more hydro seeding jobs for contractors and commercial work. The situations the contractors are in do not require immediate grass and more often than not require erosion control. Below are the most common situations where we recommend hydroseeding.
  • Hillsides and steep grades are easily reachable
  • Erosion control for areas that need coverage fast
  • Large yards or job sites that are too large for sodding
  • Where watering is an issue. Hydroseeding needs no water. Sod requires daily watering.

Why We Hydroseed

Cost Effective

Save money by hydroseeding instead of laying sod or seeding and strawing. Using a hydroseeder saves money on many different levels. It saves money on labor costs because it requires less man hours compared to sodding. The cost of materials is also quite a bit less.


Hydroseeding can be used in just about any application of planting grass. Whether you are looking to plant a steep road embankment to slow erosion or you are a contractor that has to seed a significant amount of acreage, hydroseeding will work for you.

Water Retention

Sod requires attention and a lot of watering for it to grow. It is great for homeowners who can manage it and want an instant yard. For contractors who don’t have that time, hydroseeding is the answer.

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