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Finish Yard Grading

Finish Yard Grading

Finish Grading a Yard

Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping is the leading finish yard grading company in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Our grading team consists of 4 dedicated crews. Each crew has a dedicated full size Kubota svl75 skid steer and a compact ASV RT-25 skid steer to tackle any size finish grading job. Our dedicated machines allow us to grade large yards or small tight places in subdivisions where houses are close together.

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What is Finish Grading

Grading is usually split into two categories. Rough Grading and Finish Grading.

Rough Yard Grading

Rough grading is generally a first pass over a section of land that has been disturbed due to construction. This includes residential and commercial properties. Rough grading is done with a larger piece of equipment, such as a high lift. Using a high lift allows the operator to move large amounts of dirt to establish the proper grade to run water away from the foundation of your building. Rough grading removes large piles of dirt, fills in low spots and creates swells for drainage. The final touch is done in the finish grading process.

Finish Grading

During the finish grading portion, smaller types of machinery are used. Skid steers with a harley rake attachment are the go to equipment for experienced and professional excavating companies. In this portion of the dirt work, topsoil can be added to level small low spots and add a needed base for grass to grow. Once the grading process is complete seeding or sodding can begin.

Hiring a Yard Grading Contractor

Finish grading requires knowledge and experience. If done incorrectly, finish grading can cause ponding water and even allow water to settle around your foundation and damage your home. That is the reason it is important to hire an experienced grading company. Following these tips can help you choose the right excavating contractor to apply the final finish to your new construction project.

Experienced Grading Company

As mentioned before, experience is the only way to get better in the excavating industry. Don’t be afraid to question potential excavating contractors. Find out about what grading jobs they have completed. Have them explain to you exactly what they are planning to do. You can learn a lot about an individual and experience from just hearing them talk about their trade.

Finish Grading Near Me

Looking for a trustworthy finish grading company in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana is easy. Just call Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping. We have the experience, the equipment and the team to get the job done.

Proper Drainage

Finish grading a yard sets the proper slope of your yard. The correct grade should be the highest around the foundation of your home and gradually fall away the farther you get from your home. This type of negative slope will ensure that water runs away from your house. It also keeps water from pooling around your home, decreasing the possibility of flooding your basement.

Smooth Yard

Tired of mowing the roughest yard in the neighbor? Finish grading is the solution to a rough yard. Grading uses dirt to fill in all crevices and voids in a yard. This removes all the bumps and gives you that smooth service that everyone wants.

New Construction

The best time to finish grade a yard is at the end of the construction phase. Once all the crews have removed their equipment and will no longer be onsite to damage the yard, that is when Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping can come in and set your grade to reduce the risk of flooding in your home. We also offer a property cleanup service that can get rid of all the construction debris left behind by your construction crew.

Seeding & Sodding

Once you create a solid base with dirt and topsoil, the next step is seeding or sodding. Seeding a yard consist of spreading grass seed and covering it with straw and waiting for the grass to grow. Sodding a yard is the complete opposite of seeding. Sod is previously grown grass that is cut below the roots and transplanted in your yard. No waiting for grass to grow. You get an instant yard.

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