Finish Grading

Finish Grading a Yard

Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping is the leading finish grading company in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Our grading team consists of 4 dedicated crews. Each crew has a dedicated full size Kubota svl75 skid steer and a compact ASV RT-25  skid steer to tackle any size finish grading job. Our dedicated machines allow us to grade large yards or small tight places in subdivisions where houses are close together.

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Hiring a Finish Grading Contractor

Finish grading requires knowledge and experience. If done incorrectly, finish grading can cause ponding water and even allow water to settle around your foundation and damage your home. That is the reason it is important to hire an experienced grading company. Following these tips can help you choose the right excavating contractor to apply the final finish to your new construction project.

Experienced Grading Company

As mentioned before, experience is the only way to get better in the excavating industry. Don’t be afraid to question potential excavating contractors. Find out about what grading jobs they have completed. Have them explain to you exactly what they are planning to do. You can learn a lot about an individual and experience from just hearing them talk about their trade.

Finish Grading Near Me

Looking for a trustworthy finish grading company in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana is easy. Just call Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping. We have the experience, the equipment and the team to get the job done.