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Seating Walls

Paver Seating Walls – Louisville, Ky

Building a Block Seating Wall

Seating walls are exploding in popularity in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. A seating wall is a freestanding paver wall that can be built with a back rest or as an open sided bench where you could sit with your legs on either side. These benches give users a comfortable place to sit and add beauty to any patio or pool setting. One advantage to building a hardscape bench is the durability and time that they will last. They won’t blow away in the next storm like the chairs you have on your back patio.

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Patio Seating Walls

Curved or straight, you see them used in hardscape patio designs all over Louisville and Southern Indiana. Sometime they are created as a small retaining wall to hold back dirt. But seating walls are becoming more popular to give guests a place to sit in outdoor entertaining areas.

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